Who are we ?

ISIC, the only international student card :

  • - Proof your student status worldwide,
  • - Enjoy over 45 000 ISIC dicounts int the whole world
  • - Join a community of 5 millions students.
La carte ISIC


Les étudiants, les lycéens, les collégiens et toutes les personnes en formation à temps complet.

Selon les textes de loi*, le statut d’étudiant à plein temps se définit par un minimum annuel de 15 heures de cours par semaine pendant 12 semaines. L’âge minimum est de 12 ans et il n’y a pas d’âge maximum. Les étudiants étrangers peuvent acheter leur carte ISIC en France.

* Définition des Ministers of Education of the European UNESCO member states at their meeting in Vienna in November 1967.

Price and validity

The ISIC card cost €13

The ISIC card is a student card and so is valable for a fixed scholar year whatever the date of emission is, starting september 1st of year N until december 31th of year N+1 : 16 months total !

Students, high school student, school students and any person in full time formation

Over 45 000 exclusive discounts in France, to travel and abroad

The story of ISIC card

In 1953, France's students, thenj europeans then from worldwide, wished international recognition of their status. So International Student Identity Card - the ISIC card- is born.

Since, UNESCO acknoldged ISIC card as the ONLY international student card. The ISIC card is now given to 4 millions and half students in more than 134 country. It's the key to national and international mobility. It's a discount, informations and services card.

Today, more than a hundred of major institutions in France,including the most prestigious ones, have bring their student card to the ISIC norm.

Global Youth & Student Community
Global Youth & Student Community (GYSC), is the organization that develop the International Student Identity Card - the ISIC card since 1953 in France, in Luxembourg and in Spain.