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How does it work?

Go to the partner site.

Register on the WordsRU website by filling in all the requested fields and submit your assignment.

On average, it takes 24 hours to correct a 2,000-word assignment (after receiving the payment) and you are advised to take 24 hours to read it again. The date of your assignment is requested, so WordsRu tries to respect this limit if possible (so avoid submitting it at the last minute).

There is no fixed price for homework. This is determined according to the length of the assignment and the time spent on it by the publisher.

Once you have reviewed your assignment, two copies are sent to you: the first with annotations, corrections and advice from the editor, the second corrected without comments.

Warning: this last copy is to be reread. You need to check if the suggested changes are right for you. Do not hesitate to contact your publisher if you have any questions. Under no circumstances should your copy be returned as it is to your teacher. NB: Calling a publisher is often recommended by the professors, their role is not to plagiarize or do your duty for you but to focus your attention on what can be improved. WordsRu follows an ethical code and does not rewrite your homework.

Writing an assignment in English is a nightmare? </ strong> You are never sure of the conjugations, the order in which to place the adjectives ... but you do not want to pay a particular teacher? </ strong>

  • WordsRU is here to help you in correcting your homework, in all subjects. WordsRU brings a new look to your copy thanks to their editors who are fluent in English.
  • In addition to correcting mistakes in grammar, spelling, conjugation, punctuation ..., they enrich your duties of citations, arguments, and documents, enabling you to embellish Your duty, but also to avoid certain misunderstandings. During the correction of your copy, you are in contact with the editor, which allows you to ask your questions and discuss some points that you would like to improve. You will then only have to appreciate your final note, which will be only better.

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