Passe Montagne

Passe Montagne

-50% discount on the Passe Montagne Card

The Passe Montagne card at 5€ instead of 10€

Offer's description and conditions

Ski at reduced prices in more than 150 ski resorts with your Mountain Pass Card!

The Carte Passe Montagne allows you to buy your ski passes from -5% to -50% all season long. It also serves as a ski pass holder and offers the possibility to buy ski passes up to 10 minutes before going skiing at

Consult the list of ski resorts and details of discounts before buying your card.

Practical information

  • The card is nominative, each skier must have one.
  • Customer service available 7 days a week.
  • The card is valid for one ski season and one summer season. It can be reactivated at 2.50€/season for the 2 seasons following the purchase.
  • The Passe Montagne card at €5 instead of €10 + 2020-2021 membership free! Your card will be available until September 9, 2021.

How to buy your card at 50% off?

1. Add the number of Passe Montagne cards you need to the basket on the Passe Montagne site 

2. In the shopping cart, indicate the code provided by ISIC.

3. Follow the steps until payment.

4. As soon as you receive your order by post (2 to 5 days), you can buy your ski passes at a reduced price on

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