Your £15 travel card for London for €22 only!

The £5 card is included in the tariff and it includes 15€ of transport credit

Offer's description and conditions

Take public transport in London at the lowest rate! No stress upon arrival or during endless waiting in counters! What is an Oyster Card:

  • The Oyster Card is the London public transport card
  • It allows you to take the subway, the bus, the tram, the DLR, the Overground and the majority of the National Rail lines.
  • The Oyster Card doesn't work with the Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express and Stansted Express.

How does the Oyster Card work:

  • The Oyster Card allows you to only pay for the transportation you take.
  • The Oyster Card does not have a validity date, once you have one, you can keep it for all your next trips to London.

What are the transport rates with Oyster Card?

  • The system of Oyster Card is the most economical system. It automatically calculates the cost of each trip you make, depending on the schedule and the area in which you are traveling.
  • There is a maximum amount per day for trips made.
  • Once this amount is reached, you can continue traveling without any money being taken from your Oyster Card.

For example, if you are traveling in Zone 1 and Zone 2, you will not pay more than £ 6.80 for the day, even if you take transport more than 20 times.

  • So it's cheaper than buying a day pass: a subway ride into central London costs £ 2.40 with the card or £ 4.90 when you pay for the journey without the card.

How much does the Oyster Card cost?

  • An Oyster Card with no credit costs £ 5.
  • You can recharge your Oyster Card credit at all terminals, tourist information centers and London subway stations.
  • If you still have credit on your Oyster Card when you leave London, you can go to the metro station where you will be refunded the remaining amount of your Oyster Card.
  • The Oyster Card is not nominative, so the person of your choice can benefit from it.

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