24% off the Nenoness Live subscription

€399 instead of €520

Offer's description and conditions

Neoness is fun sport for all.

Only the state of mind matters: relaxation, openness and simplicity 

In the Neoness clubs, there are no mirrors or heavy weights, but large, colorful spaces and a caring team to relax and unwind in an uninhibited atmosphere.

An all inclusive deal

  • Unlimited access to all the Neoness Clubs (inclunding parisian clubs)
  • Unlimited access in full time to bodybuilding, cardio training, body express, functional zone and stretching.
  • Unlimited access to group classes
  • A towel lent to each session
  • The shower option
  • Personalized mobile training app


  • Voucher valid for a 12 month subscription, neither exchangeable nor refundable.
  • Offer only valid for ISIC card holders
  • No additional fees (access fee, registration fees) will be charged at the entrance of the club
  • The whole amount should be paid at once. Installment payment is not allowed

Useful information:

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