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The student entrance is 4 € instead of 9 €.

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Simply present your ISIC card at the entrance

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  • This student offer is exclusively offered by the above mentioned benefit provider.
  • This is not an offer or discount negotiated by ISIC, but a general student offer that you have access to with your valid ISIC card.
  • The conditions of use are to be verified on the benefit provider website. This offer is subject to cancellation or modification without prior notice of the above mentioned benefit provider.
A historical document
  • The Bayeux Tapestry provides us with historical information that no other source provides. It first describes the journey of Harold to Normandy with all its adventures (disembarkation in Ponthieu, interview with Duke William, expedition to Brittany, and oath on the relics of Bayeux). Then it shows Harold's return to England and his coronation after tKing Edward the Confessor death . The tapestry describes the preparation of the expedition organized by Guillaume, the Channel crossing, and the battle of Hastings.
  • The student entrance is 4 € instead of 9 €.

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