Up to 40% off the annual 'Two Cool' for a gym membership

A single price of €320 for a sports subscription valid everywhere in France, without any additional cost!

Offer's description and conditions

Keep Cool... A new approach to fitness

Keep Cool is first and foremost a state of mind, an incomparable atmosphere. Walking through the door of one of its gym means feeling at home in a matter of seconds.... Keep Cool it's 260 gym clubs in France with :

  • A large equipment: a body-building area with a range of guided devices and a cardio zone with bikes, connected treadmills, tv, radio, climbers, rowing machines, elliptical trainers...
  • Interactive sports classroom
  • A personalized review and unlimited coaching 
  • Clubs open 7 days a week, even on public holidays, from 6 am to 11 pm

And much more...

The Two Cool subscription: Practice sport with your friends is cooler!

  • With the Two Cool formula, invite the person of your choice to come train with you every Friday and Saturday without paying anything more
  • Registration fees are included in the price of your subscription, no additional fees will be required
  • A double sponsorship and pause membership one month/year, free of charge

How to activate my Keep Cool subscription?

  • Once your order is finalized, you will automatically receive a Two Cool annual voucher.
  • Print your voucher
  • If you live outside the Paris region : hand your voucher in any Keep Cool club and you will receive in exchange a subscriber card valid for one year all over France (Except: Clermont Ferrand, Riom et Cournon)
  • If you live in Île-de-France region : exchange your voucher in one of the 7 integrated Parisian clubs (Paris 2 CleryParis 4 BastilleParis 8 MonceauParis 9 ChâteaudunParis 14 Denfert-RochereauParis 18 MarcadetLa Defense - Tour Ariane). You will receive a subscriber card valid throughout France (Île-de-France and province clubs) for one year.

Conditions :

  • Offer only valid for ISIC card holders
  • No additional fees (access fee, registration fees) will be charged at the entrance of the club
  • The whole amount should be paid at once. Installment payment is not allowed

Useful informations

Once your order is finalized, your sports subscription will be automatically sent to you by e-mail in PDF. No Keep Cool voucher is sent by post. 

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