5% off the 50€ Nike e-gift card

Pay only 47,50€ and receive a 50€ Nike e-gift card

Offer's description and conditions

With the Nike E-Gift Card, no more wondering if you've picked the right size or colour. There's no doubt about it: Nike offers trendy sportswear, footwear designed for better performance or comfort in the city, and accessories to make your day-to-day life and sports activities easier.


  • The Nike e-card is valid in all Nike stores in France (including Nike Factory) and also in all Nike stores in the following countries: England, Holland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Austria and on with the exception of franchise stores.
  • It can be supplemented by another means of payment. 
  • The Nike E-Gift Card can be used in one or more transactions. The Nike e-cards can be cumulated between them.
  • The Nike e-card is neither exchangeable, nor refundable, nor transferable.

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